This "Yeww! Of The Week" features three women who learn to skate in 30 days. As they explore the basics of skateboarding, we follow their journey as they overcome the fear of falling and steadily become more confident in their skills. 

One of my favorite things about this video is how it resonates with the reality of being a woman learning to skate. It's very intimidating to take that first step, especially when you don't have a strong support system to back you up. As they explain in the video:

"There weren't any girls around me who skated."

"I'm worried about not being seen as tough enough." 

The video captures the authenticity of the beginner process, discussing frustrations and fears in a relatable way. By the end, they aren't doing 900s or crazy hand plants, they're still tweaking their ollie and getting comfortable on their boards. Learning to skate is a long process that doesn't happen overnight (or even in 30 days!). But like we see in the video, if you stick with it, it can change your mentality and help you become more confident in yourself. 

Keep it gnarly, girls! 

Watch Women Learn To Skateboard for 30 Days: