Big ups to this awesome upcoming film Amiga Skate directed by Amberly Alene Ellis

Releasing May 21st, 2016, the Amiga Skate documentary follows the stories of three girls in the underground skate culture in Havana, Cuba. 

From the video description: "Skateboarding in Cuba emerged in the 80's but has recently grown rapidly with the new interchanges of culture and art from abroad that are taking place on the island. Amiga Skate explores the challenges of young women as they seek to create the first women's skateboard organization in Havana, with the help of a Miami based non-profit called Amigo Skate. In Cuba, skateboarding is still an unrecognized sport by the government, and the girls search to find their path in a subculture that is not only male dominated but also completely underground. Amiga Skate will premiere on May 21st 2016. To learn more about skateboarding in Cuba, and how to donate skateboard to Cuban youth please visit: "

Image Source:  Amiga Skate Teaser

Image Source: Amiga Skate Teaser

As one girl explains, "Here, skateboarding is something that men practice. Now the women are starting but it's something new. There aren't a lot practicing because we don't have much. We don't have boards, we don't have wheels, we don't have a system. We need those things so that we can give ourselves the power." 

We're excited to see the final documentary come to fruition.

Watch the teaser: